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DESIGNATE a Trail Boss who leads and narrates, and a Tail Gunner to bring up the rear.


USE RADIOS (GMRS, CB, RACE or HAM) to keep track of folks and narrate about highlights in geology, history, cool trail stuff.


PROVIDE for maintenance and repair, planned ahead of time, with a Tail Gunner who might have a mechanic person along as well.


BUNCH UP before blabbing on the CB (Or GMRS) so folks will hear you; these radios carry only line-of-sight distance, with GMRS making CB look mini.


CONDUCT a driver's meeting with Safety Briefing before every convoy. Mention emergency medical options.


HAVE a Waist/Mid-Gunner and a Tail Gunner to help you keep track of folks and organize the convoy to relay communications.



DIVIDE into teams and groups as appropriate, with 5 to 7 rigs per Team Leader who must keep track of his/her Team no matter what happens.


POINT OUT cool stuff to the whole convoy, like geology, history, culture, folklore, plants and anything else to make the convoy more educational and fun.


USE MARKERS --trail markers, stakes, or signs --to track progress and keep track of the entire length of your convoy.


GET everyone home!


ARTICLE LISTING here. From landuse to life styles, to fishing and hunting, nature photography, getting along in life, and everything advocacy you can think of.

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