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BE IN CHARGE nicely of course; but make it happen; don't just let things happen; accomplish the goals/objectives and outcomes you need to get done.


FOCUS on the problem, not the people or personalities.


AVOID mixing personalities with the issue at hand -- it's about the problem or issue; not the person.


USE FLIP CHARTS or other graphics, but have a visual for taking notes and keeping track of action items and discussions.


BOOMERANG questions back to the entire group or selected individuals; don't answer as the "know it all." Process; not Content is your job.


AGENDA is crucial and you must stick to it; no chasing rabbits. Make that clear in the Ground Rules. Use "Hopper" or "Parking Lot" for future topics to be covered.


ACTION ITEMS NEEDED! Never leave a meeting without action items -- who, what, and by when. Use a matrix to track several.





WE WORK FOR YOU full time for BlueRibbon Coalition, traveling to events, conducting training, providing organizational development, leading by example, and writing articles to help save trails and outdoor sports locally, up close and personal.

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ARTICLE LISTING here. From land use to life styles, to fishing and hunting, nature photography, getting along in life, and everything advocacy you can think of.


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