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You build better membership to your club or organizaion by improving the leadership. You must get past the same five or six people doing all the work. Solid, nurturing, compassionate and trained leaders will attract new members. Here are the key ingredients in this recipe:

FIRST INGREDIENT INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP: Lead by example. Practice what you preach. Pay attention to bored or inattentive members. Make sure everyone has a job and a purpose. Keep meetings on track. And be willing to fire volunteers who will not abide by the rules or be part of the team. More on It is OK to Fire a Volunteer here.

SECOND INGREDIENT MOTIVATION:You must be so behind your cause or club that you inspire and motivate others to reach down inside themsevles and jump to new heights of volunteerism and commitment. They must believe in you as their leader.

THIRD INGREDIENT ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: Do not waste the time of any volunteer. Be organized in your activities. Run a Better Meeting. Watch for volunteers who are tuning out or not really involved in the club and MEET with them. Talk to them about WHY they are drifting away. If you lose members, call them and ASK them what drove them off -- specifically.

FOURTH INGREDIENT PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE LEADERS: Give your members a survey form asking for their talents and likes/dislikes. Pretend you are a boss with a government contract trying to make every nickel you can with every employee you have. Get the right talents working on the right projects. But REMEMBER, off-pavement folk DO NOT like to lose face. Do not set up someone with a job that will probably make them look bad, or knowing that they will fail. Give them a job that leads to success. Otherwise you will lose them forever. Give future leaders progressively more responsibility. You cannot turn someone into a General from a Private overnight. Learn to always use EXPECTATIONS and OBJECTIVES.

FIFTH INGREDIENT STEP BACK: Once you give some expectations and objectives for a job, with a little training behind it, step back and let that volunteer have at it! You then encourage, counsel, guide, and empower future leaders to step up to the plate, fully armed for success. This is how you Lead Volunteers to Victory (RLTC Training Course motto).


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WE WORK FOR ACCESS AND FREEDOMS! We contract in: Photojournalism, land use advocacy, organizational advisors, assisting events, conducting training, providing organizational development, outdoor life adventures, leading by example, and writing articles to help save access to trails and outdoor motorsports.

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