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Strategic Planning is a 10-step model as follows:

TRENDS:  The model takes a look at what is happening to the organization now, internally and externally.  These trends are listed via a brainstorming session, and then prioritized by the group. 


OPPORTUNITIES:  Here we look at what opportunities exist within the trends of what is happening to the group.  It asks what kinds of positive things can be accomplished?


CONSTRAINTS:  Then the model visits the things holding the group back – the constraints that keep you from achieving the opportunities.


MISSION:  The group revisits (or establishes) its mission in light of the trends, opportunities and constraints.   A mission is a calling – what you are all about, the bottom line.


VISION:  Then, fifth, with the opportunities in mind, a vision is established for the group – worded in present tense language, compatible with the group’s mission, giving a picture of where the group is, and what the group will look like (in the future).


VALUES: The group reaffirms (or establishes) its values as a group. The combined Mission, Vision and Values statement should pretty well tell the outside world just who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re headed.  Values are usually one-liner, one or two word phrases.


GOALS:  Now we get into specific planning.  Goals are broad, overarching targets that the group wants to achieve in the long run.  Goals take the mission apart (symbolically) and put it back together one piece at a time.


STRATEGIES/OBJECTIVES:  Objectives are more specific than Goals, and are designed to help achieve the Goals.  Objectives are worded with an action verb as the first word (such as provide, accomplish, do, take, enlist, etc.).  You can choose to use the word “Strategies” or “Objectives” at this juncture of the planning.   “Strategies” are the foundation of Strategic Planning.


ACTIONS:  This is where the rubber meets the road (or the track meets the snow).  Actions are the “who, what and when” elements of the plan.  These are specific “to do” lists, with names attached, that fit together to accomplish each Objective.


SUMMARY MATRIX: This is the final listing of the Action Items (tied to the Goals and Objectives), by name, of the “who, what and when,” listed in a tickler format (Excel or other spreadsheet) that helps someone keep track of who is doing what by when at one quick glance.




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