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WELCOME to the Land Use App where all your land use, access, leadership and land stewardship needs are available in one easy stop. We also cover a wide variety of outdoor sports and recreational activities; but this mobile app is more about giving you short cuts to commonly asked questions and frequently needed tips on keeping outdoor recreational sports alive and well. We welcome suggestions for improvement or additions (click here to write)

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WHY JOIN A CLUB: The reasons behind joining a club rather than just being online or virtual.


LEAD VOLUNTEERS: Learn basic tips for nurturing, leading, supervising, inspiring and motivating people.


BUILD MEMBERSHIP IN YOUR CLUB/ORGANIZATION: 5 Simple ingredients to a recipe for building membership.


WRITE A LETTER (HOW TO): See video; get simple tips.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT JOB (FOR YOU): Learn when to say no; and how to deliver what you promise.


BUILD A COALITION OR START A FRIENDS GROUP: The simple and proven forumla to start a friends group (coalition) and save a recreation area.


GIVE A SPEECH: Three-point simple formula.


RUN A MEETING: Magical formula, easy to remember acronym; with guaranteed results.


FACILITATION TIPS AND RULES: Get more out of your club, group, work party or planning team.


STRATEGIC PLANNING: Mission, Vision, Values and the model for building a Strategic Plan for any group.


NEPA PROCESS: National Environmental Policy Act -- how to get involved.


ORGANIZE A CONVOY: Tips and tricks to make your convoy/event so much more enjoyable and better organized.


JOIN THE RIGHT GROUPS: You can't join everything, but this will help you decide where to invest your time and money.


GET VOLUNTEER TRAINING: One of a kind; offered nowhere else; nothing quite like it for volunteers -- supervision, management, leadership.


HELP IN LANDUSE AND ACCESS: Keeping public lands out of "JAIL" -- out from behind gates!


ORDER LANDUSE BOOK: Team Albright's Shortcuts to Landuse and Volunteerism; while supplies last.


RUBICON TRAIL INFO AND LINKS: A few notes and links to FOTR and RTF.


LINKS TO NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: Education and advocacy groups.


Modern Jeeper

ARTICLE LISTING here. From land use to life styles, to fishing and hunting, nature photography, getting along in life, and everything advocacy you can think of.

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